Coastal Monitoring

Global warming and human activities pose a threat to coastal integrity. EOS Viewer as an Earth Observation AI Platform provides automatic shoreline mapping with sub-metric accuracy. Its advanced visualization, prediction algorithms, and high reliability enable timely alerts on events, related to efficient coastal monitoring.

Sedimentation & Coastal Erosion Detection

EOS Viewer for Shoreline Automatic Monitoring

Use case

Severe storms caused intense coastal erosion in Gandia, Spain, the winter of 2019. EOS Viewer was used to compare pre- and post-event situations to accurately assess the impact and plan recovery measures for the summer season.

EOS Viewer enables remote, non-disruptive, cost-efficient monitoring to understand coastal changes with sub-metric accuracy.

Coastal degradation is one of the consequences of global warming. EOS Viewer monitors coastline evolution, providing automatic and accurate outputs of changes in the interface between seas and continents.

Coastal infrastructures like ports, docks or breakwaters affect current flows. Changes on the shoreline can be monitored to prevent impact in touristic areas and amenities. EOS Viewer helps identifying changes affecting the coast, enabling timely corrective measures.


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