Oil spill monitoring

Orbital EOS delivers the most comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly solution for oil spill monitoring. Our system leverages a network of radar and optical Earth Observation satellites, promoting a proactive and cost-efficient surveillance of assets, even at remote locations.

EOS Viewer is a SaaS platform designed by experts of the Spanish Coast Guard to guarantee privileged situational awareness and provide accurate information to assess risks with unparalleled reliability.

EOS Viewer is the first one-stop-shop solution, providing detection, characterization and forecasting.

Use case

A network of Earth Observation radar and optical satellites promotes a constant, proactive and cost-efficient monitoring of assets, even at remote locations. Synergy among different constellations offers unprecedented capabilities in terms of coverage and frequency of monitoring.

Orbital EOS has pioneered the use of optical satellites for marine pollution detection and characterization in operational scenarios. The field has traditionally been dominated by SAR sensors, as they can see through the clouds and at night. The paradigm shift we bring lies in the complementarity of SAR and Optical sensors, working as an integrated constellation of maritime surveillance satellites.

EOS Viewer
Automatic Detection of oil spills

EOS Viewer integrates 3 major innovations unprecedented in the market:

In a field traditionally limited by a high rate of false alarms, Orbital EOS delivers the first operational solution supported by automatic detection of oil spills. Human-brain patterns, acquired over years of profession, translate into artificial-brain patterns, making the process accurate, agile and scalable thanks to deep learning algorithms.
Considering operational  implications, current technologies cannot be used to identify the type of spill, preventing surveillance from being an end-to-end solution. EOS Viewer delivers accurate identification of spills for the first time, reaching up to 100% conclusiveness in certain scenarios.

From an operational point of view, it is crucial to understand where the thick oil is located in order to focus the response in those hot spots. Quantifying the spill is also a crucial challenge with legal and operational implications, yet not solved so far with current technologies. EOS Viewer integrates the capability of describing the thickness and quantity of oil spills, based on the use of satellite data and in-house developed algorithms.

When an oil spill is detected, an early warning is sent to the customer, enabling the operator to access the platform and get information about date/time, location, area, type of spill, thickness distribution, quantity, source and oil spill drift & weathering forecasting.


  • 20x cost reduction compared to a surveillance aircraft.
  • 10x cost reduction compared to current satellite-based solutions.
  • 70% better accuracy in events´detection.
  • Unique capabilities: spill identification, thickness mapping, quantification.
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