Other Solutions

EOS Viewer can be used in more industries and domains, like:

  • Terrain Deformation
  •  Construction Site Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Terrain deformation

Radar satellites offer the capability to measure deformations on the ground with millimetric accuracy. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a microwave imaging system with cloud penetrating capabilities because it uses microwaves and day and night operational capabilities as it is an active system. By using interferometry (InSAR), we can measure changes in the elevation of surfaces, revealing potential structural damage.

Use case

InSAR technology can deliver maps of terrain deformation in a selected time frame.

Natural disaster close to populated areas requires immediate evaluation.
Earthquakes or volcano eruptions could deform the ground surface. InSAR technology helps preventing this events and assessing the impacts once they have occurred.

Bridges, dams and roads requires continuous monitoring of deformations not only in the own structure but in surrounding areas as well.

Construction site monitoring

Very high resolution images combined with AI techniques offer unprecedented insights to help decision-makers take better decisions.


Use case

Container Tracking , ground occupancy or car parking usage are only a few use cases where AI applied to very high resolution satellite imagery can offer optimal solutions.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Large infrastructures like dams, bridges or ports are subject to the forces of nature what poses risk of structural damage. 

Use case

Satellite data analytics can be used to infer changes in large infrastructures, revealing breakage points, subsidence and other potential risks that may compromise stability and integrity.

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